Seeing the World Through Heart-Shaped Glasses

There’s the famous saying, “see the world through rose-colored glasses,” which refers to viewing the world around you in a cheerful, optimistic manner. Since the birth of “Hearts of Armenia,” I like to tweak that saying a little: “see the world through heart-shaped glasses.” As I was going about my days living in Armenia and snapping hearts left and right and up and down, I now realize I was also inadvertently receiving the message that, despite all the negative things going on in the world, it’s important to open our hearts to the beauty that surrounds us. A “stop and smell the roses” kind of deal. Because you just never know what’s going to happen tomorrow, so you might as well be happy today. Looking back, each new heart I would stumble upon would fill my heart with so much joy and in turn put a smile on my face. That’s because each heart was bringing me closer to realizing the book, and in turn being able to help my Motherland in my own small way.

Of course, there’s no denying the slew of problems that exist in Armenia (and everywhere else for that matter) but to focus only on the negative would make the world a very unpleasant and unhappy place to live. My hope is that “Hearts of Armenia” takes the reader on a unique journey through Armenia and simultaneously inspires people to see the beauty that surrounds them. Wherever they live or travel. Judging by all the heart photos I’ve been receiving since the book launched, I think more and more people are starting to see the world in heart-shaped glasses! Here are a few of my favorites:

Shoutout to Nareg, Lisa, Zareh, Regina, Alice, Eileen, and Alex for sharing their hearts ❤


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