Back in April, when I had just arrived in Armenia and spotted my first heart (a heart-shaped leaf I stumbled upon as I was walking through the Hraparak with my shiny new Converse sneakers), “Hearts of Armenia” was just a crazy dream. But with each new heart I captured throughout my stay there — over 180 from April through October — it became clear that idea might actually become reality. Now, eight months later, I’m so happy to be able to hold my book and share it with everyone I love!

Along with photos of 87 of the best hearts I discovered, “Hearts of Armenia” also includes inspirational quotes about love within its 48 pages. It’s made for everyone who loves and even includes hearts that will speak to children. The best part is that half of proceeds of the book will help our Armenian sisters at the Women’s Support Center of Yerevan! So without further ado, buy your copy here. Note: to get it before Christmas, be sure to place your order this week (regular and rush shipping are available). Thanks for all the love and support! ❤

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 3.56.29 PM


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