Intergalactic Expedition Podcast

I recently reconnected with an old AYF friend I hadn’t seen for close to a decade, Vazrik Shahoumyan, who just launched his own podcast called Intergalactic Expedition, which “provides inspiration for all to follow their passions by featuring people who are living out their dreams.” After catching up on life, “Hearts of Armenia” came up and he asked me to come on the show to talk about it. And then here’s what happened. We ended up chatting about how the book came about (both the inspiration and the technical process), my 6-month stay in Armenia, and more.

IMG_9478 (Of course, no Armenian podcast is complete without Armenian coffee!)

It was definitely an interesting experience being part of a podcast and not as easy as I thought. I have no problem yapping for hours with friends, but it turns out it’s kind of awkward talking about yourself when you’re being recorded and then having to listen to your recorded voice on top of it! But after Vazrik worked his magic with editing, it turned out pretty good. Hope you enjoy.


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