Spreading the Love: WithLove.am

IMG_6352 (WithLove Box)

The day “Hearts of Armenia” was born (aka done printing in Yerevan), a fellow Armenian and friend whose love for our Motherland also runs deep, Vaché Thomassian, simultaneously launched an inspirational project: WithLove.am. It’s a seasonal gift box filled entirely of unique items made in Armenia. Bonus: you get to keep the beautiful wooden box made by Nuri Design, too. Its proceeds will directly benefit Sosé and Allen’s Legacy Foundation, founded by Vaché after his sister Sosé and her husband Allen died tragically in a car accident while traveling from Yerevan, Armenia to Tbilisi, Georgia for a weekend getaway in May of 2013. Sosé and I had met up for dinner in LA a few months before she and Allen moved to Armenia, and were planning on seeing each other there during my trip in the summer of 2013, but sadly that never happened 😦 I love that Vaché took something so sad and turned it into something so uplifting, by continuing Sosé and Allen’s dream of doing good in Armenia. ❤

The WithLove Box includes an adorable bow tie by Bow-X, one jar of 100% raw honey by Honey.am, a soap bar made from 99% organic goat’s milk by Verde Pharm, a cool brass ring by Yereqnuk Handicrafts, and an adjustable leather bracelet made by Shaganak. Buy your limited-edition Box today to get it before Christmas.

SoseandAllen(Allen & Sosé)


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