Conan in Armenia!

It’s funny, I got to Armenia a week after the Kardashians left in April and left a week before Conan O’Brien arrived in October. I’m sad I missed the celebrity spottings (especially Kanye’s epic Karap Lich moment that nearly broke the internet) but the next best thing was attending a screening for “Conan in Armenia” at his studios in Burbank (thanks to my friend Noushig, who entered a contest and answered all the questions correctly).

I don’t want to give away too much of the episode — which airs on Tuesday, November 17 on TBS — but it’s definitely one to watch. Naturally it has many hilarious moments, but it also has a serious side that might make you tear up. Basically, Conan is on a mission to take his Armenian assistant Sona to her Motherland for the first time, and he’s tasked to bring back a few things for her family: cognac, a rug, dried apricots, a painting, and a groom for Sona. Most things he delivers, one he doesn’t (can you guess which one?!). At the end of the screening, Conan shared what he loved about Armenia, which is what most people say when they visit for the first time: the warmth of the people, the adorable children, and the beautiful women (sorry guys). Here are a few photos from the night:

IMG_9339 (Conan setting up the scenes for the crowd; he’s really tall)

IMG_9341(At the end of the show, he brought out his assistant Sona)

IMG_9328 (Conan served Armenian appetizers/desserts before the show)

FullSizeRender (1) (Hanging out with a huge Conan bobblehead in the parking lot)


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