Women’s Support Center

“Hearts of Armenia” holds such a special place in my, well heart, for two reasons: one that it’s my way of encouraging people to see the positivity and love all around them (versus focusing on the negative) and it’s more importantly a way to give back to my Armenian sisters who don’t have the voice they deserve.

Half the proceeds of the book will go to the Women’s Support Center, which was founded in 2012. You can read all about their inspiring work on their website.

I got a chance to visit the center today and met with executive director Maro Matosian, who shared how the team helps abused women get help and get back on their feet.


(One of their campaigns shows a little boy thinking: “I don’t want dad to hit mom”)

When I asked Maro how men in Armenia view the shelter, she said that some say they’re breaking up families with their “European ideas” and that hitting is a part of  tradition. But the support center is here to teach both women and men in Armenia that beating is not in our culture, that abuse should not be tolerated under any circumstance, no exceptions. I’m so proud to be parterning with such an important cause. Our women, our mothers deserve to be treated with respect so that they can continue to raise our new generation with an abundance of love.


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