My Favorite Armenia 2015 Songs

As we all know, good songs can serve as the soundtrack to many memorable moments in our lives. Here are some that played in the background and foreground during my time in Armenia. Some made me laugh, some touched my soul, and some made me DANCE.

Gata Band “Totik” — This is the jam that gets everyone dancing. I mean EVERYONE. The lyrics are silly fun and the melody makes you want to jump. I’m really going to miss hearing the first few seconds and immediately running to the dance floor with friends.

Narine Dovlaytan “Al Ayloughs” — A beautiful version of the old Armenian folk song. The ethereal music video, and the singer’s costumes, are just as impeccable.

Silva Hakopyan “Sasna Par” — So patriotic and uplifting, this song makes me want to break into shoorch bar every single time.

Reincarnation “Yerevan” — An ode to my favorite city, this is also my favorite song by Reincarnation. The lyrics, the video, the melody — all so touching.

Element Band & Decibelle — An inspiring collaboration between talented Tumo students and LA’s Element Band. It’s perfect for rainy days or when you’re feeling a little melancholy.

Lena Chamamyan “Hov Arek” — I can’t quite recall where I first heard this song, but it reaches inside and touches my soul with every single word.

Pinjabi Armenian Rabiz Remix — I crushed hard on this song when it played at one of my favorite bars, Melrose Pub. Two vibrant cultures and sounds meet; what’s not to like?


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