Hearts of Armenia…


As soon as I arrived in Armenia this April, something amazing started happening. I started to see hearts everywhere I looked: in the form of rocks, leaves, flowers; as street art and graffiti; and in many other forms. Each time, I would take out my phone and start snapping all the love I saw around me. Before I knew it, I had taken photos of over 150 hearts. Amid all this, I got the idea to eventually put together a picture book titled “Hearts of Armenia” and to give half the proceeds to a women’s shelter in Armenia (in partnership with Armenian International Women’s Association of San Francisco).

The book is starting to come to fruition — with the help of the talented team at Jarakite Creative Partners — and should be published within a month or so. With it, I hope to spread the positivity — despite all the problems that exist here, there is so much love: platonic, romantic, and familial. As I say in my forward: “On the surface it may seem that people here are stoic, but if you take the time to look inside their hearts, you will see a different side: a people that open their doors for you no matter what time you knock and take the shirts off their back if you need warmth. Those are the Hearts of Armenia.” Here’s a preview of just some of my favorite hearts of Armenia:

Hraparag (The first heart I noticed while walking through Hraparak)

IMG_5453 (I Love You)

IMG_5860 (One of my most fascinating finds: light in the shape of a heart)

IMG_5458 (Time is Love)

IMG_7247 (Just one of the impressive archway artworks in Yerevan)


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