So much to say, so much to see / So much joy in every smile, so much pain in every frown.

One man is planning his escape, while another is working hard to feed his kids / To one it’s his sacred homeland, he’ll never leave / To another it’s the bane of his being, he can’t wait to flee.

Tourists left and right, rushing from sight to sight / Cross ways with locals, sharing curious glances up and down / Taxis whiz by, skidding side to side / While buses fill up and give locals their ride.

Kids of all sizes fill the streets with giggles and glee / Reminding elders of a once-upon-a-time so free / Lovers embraced stroll through the parks / Exchanging sweet nothings and pecks in the dark.

In this small city there’s plenty of heart / Many a soul that light up the dark / So many ideas bursting at the seams / So much potential that remains to be seen.

In the next coming years what will it be? / As they say in Armenia, we’ll live and we’ll see. 


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