Sevana Tchakerian

Many know French-Armenian Sevana Tchakerian as the spunky accordion player with a beautiful voice in the band, Collectif Medz Bazar, but after meeting her in Yerevan a few months ago, I also learned that she has bravely brought her love and talent of music to Armenia via her organization, Tsap-Tsapik Music Education Program, last summer. Besides holding the title of Founder and Program Director of Tsap-Tsapik, Sevana also works with the Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) and teaches music at AYB School. Busy girl, but she still manages to perform with her band for fans in Paris and Yerevan.


While in music school in France, Sevana focused on preschool education for disabled kids — there she picked up vital tools that she now shares with seven villages in Armenia. Because a program like this doesn’t exist here, it’s highly important for her to dispense modern techniques, like having teachers sit at the childrens’ level versus coming at them from above — or not just working on vocals but also how to use instruments such as percussions, flutes, and metallophones. “I love being part of a developing country and having a hand in its growth,” Sevana said of her role in Armenia.


Tsap-Tsapik recently partnered with Paros Foundation to raise money for the resources they need for the September 2015-July 2016 school year. Watch this informative video about Sevana’s work in Armenia, then donate to her worthy cause. 


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