Things I Only Say (and Think) in Armenia!

Along the same lines of the phrase “Only in Armenia,” I’ve realized there are a bunch of things I say in Armenia that I never did in the states. It’s funny that depending on where you live in the world, you come to adopt a new way of thinking and vocabulary. Just for laughs, I decided to jot down some things I’ve said (and asked and thought) since being here:

  • I miss guacamole!!!!!
  • Can I get an English menu?
  • This taxi has AC? Hallelujah!!
  • What’s the wifi password?
  • Who’s going-away party is it?
  • Pepsi tastes so much better here
  • That’s so cheap!
  • Look! A herd of cows crossing the road
  • I need to exchange money
  • I don’t have any money left in my phone
  • I’m looking for a Telcell station to reload money in my phone
  • Is there an elevator in this building?
  • What day of the week is it?
  • This cheese tastes like it came straight from the goat
  • This tomato tastes so good
  • I wonder if she knows what her message tee really means
  • I miss dishwashers and dryers
  • This mozzarella doesn’t taste like mozzarella
  • What’s your local number?
  • I can’t find my other phone
  • Paka (bye in Russian)

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