Staycation in Lori

After staying in a small city like Yerevan for the last four months, I now understand the importance of getting away on the weekends. It’s nice for the eyeballs and soul to experience a change of scenery sometimes. To do just that, my mom, her sister, and I decided to take a staycation at one of Tufenkian’s breathtaking hotels, Avan Dzoraget, located in the village of Dzoraget in Lori, 2.5 hours from Yerevan. And I’m so glad we did because it was just the zen environment we needed for a night.

Inside the castle-like hotel we swam, warmed up in the jacuzzi and sauna, and had delicious meals at the Avan Dzoraget restaurant. Outside, we marveled at the Debed River — along which the property sits — and handsome Caucasus Mountains, walked around the lush neighborhood and chatted with locals (my mom and aunt made friends with one lady and had coffee at her house — definitely an “only in Armenia” moment).

The next morning, after checking out, we visited nearby villages Dsegh (Hovhannes Tumanyan’s childhood house/museum), Haghpat (a monastery where Sayat Nova was once a monk), and Sanahin (another beautiful monastery) before heading back to the mini concrete jungle that is Yerevan. Here are some memorable snaps from our trip:

IMG_7417(Avan Dzoraget by night)

IMG_7441(The hotel by day)

IMG_7419 (Debed River)

IMG_7397 (The view from our room)

FullSizeRender (The delicious grilled peach and chocolate dessert)

IMG_7422 (Gorgeous greenery)





IMG_7483(Hovhannes Tumanyan’s statue)

IMG_7480 (The writer’s childhood house)


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