Rain, Rain

My close friends know that I much prefer the sun to rain; and by that I mean I’m happy under the sun and unhappy when it rains. I know most people find the rain to be romantic — I think they sit by the electric fireplace or watch the rain from their window sill or something like that — but I much prefer being outdoors soaking up UV rays.


But I didn’t imagine, until living in Yerevan in the hottest summer in years, that I would miss, even crave rain. Here there isn’t AC everywhere you go or in every taxi, plus you walk a lot more. And when there is AC, which is rare, you’re so excited you want to high-five someone, anyone.

I think the weather gods listened to my plea (I think my words were: “I’m sick of sweating!!”) because two nights ago it started to pour out of nowhere. I immediately busted out my jeans — I haven’t been able to wear jeans in months — and sneakers (with socks!), and roamed the streets of Yerevan, never so excited to be hit by raindrops. Frizzy hair, don’t care. It’s drizzling today, and the city feels so calm and clean. It’s bound to heat up again, but for now, I’m thoroughly enjoying the melancholic, teary skies as a preview for what’s to come this Fall.


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