Best (Late-Night) Pizzas

I know pizza is all the rage these days (pizza memes, pizza pants, pizza comforters) but before coming to Armenia this year, I considered myself more of a burger girl. I did enjoy sharing Round Table’s veggie pizza with my dad when my mom didn’t feel like cooking (which was rare) but I never craved it, per se.

Now that I’ve discovered two mouthwatering pizzas in Yerevan, I can’t stop eating them — sometimes all on my own! My favorite pizza in Yerevan comes courtesy of the Van Gogh Art Cafe. They only have two options — veggie and ham — but they’re both damn good, especially when devoured late night. I know many Americans don’t appreciate ketchup on their pizza, but the slightly sweet ketchup here is a nice touch.


The other amazing pizza spot is Melrose Pub, where I celebrated my birthday back in April. They have a famous Mexican pizza, which is definitely unique, but my favorite is their classic pepperoni pizza. It’s ooey gooey, and get this — even the crust is filled with cheese! It’s not required to eat either of these pies late at night — they’re still perfectly delicious during daytime — but they do hit the spot after a few drinks.



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