Reiki in Yerevan

Anyone who’s been to Armenia in the summertime knows that it can get crazy with tourists and nightly parties. Now add to that work and the Pan-Armenian games, and the last few weeks were nonstop. Finally when the athletes departed and the streets calmed down, I felt a social detox was in order. I needed to center myself, so I called my friend Ani Kalafian (who’s been living in Yerevan for a year now) to perform Reiki on me. Those who know Ani might know that she got certified in the Bay Area a few years ago after realizing she had a gift that was passed down from her maternal grandmother, who was a healer in Tehran. Reiki balances the body’s chakras and allows the body to heal itself by sucking the negative energy out and rejuvenating positive energy. I call it a massage for the soul.


To begin the process, I lied on my back, then stomach, as Ani worked her magic. She started by placing her warm hands on my eyes, then head, then shoulders. As she moved down, she felt which areas of my body needed most attention and focused on those parts. It felt amazing and afterwards I felt completely zen. In talking with Ani about her work with Reiki, she noted that since Armenia was an ancient healing center of the world, she’s especially excited to educate the people of Armenia on how to heal themselves naturally.

If you would like a Reiki session with Ani, email her at for prices and to schedule your appointment.


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