Transient City

One of the cool things about Yerevan is that it attracts Armenians from all over the world — both tourists and Repats. And being such a small place, it’s easy to meet and establish connections. Though during summertime most these acquaintances revolve around pub life — everyone seems to do the same circuit, just in a different order — sometimes you end up creating real friendships outside that scene. When I first arrived in April, a few friends and I ended up meeting and hanging out with a group of Armenians from London through a mutual friend. We shared many laughs, more drinks and even more toasts. They even had a hand in making my Armenia birthday (at the end of April) that much more kef. Then, like tourists do, they headed back home.

Just a few weeks ago, we were able to reunite with some of our old Brit friends (Adi, we missed you!) who ended up coming back for the Pan-Armenian Games — it was such a lovely surprise! A group of us were able to spend even more time together, sharing more laughs, more drinks, more toasts than ever before. The games ended and everyone resumed their normal lives, and now Yerevan feels a bit more empty. But that’s the thing about a transient city like Yerevan: people always come and go. One minute it feels like it’s going to burst at the seams with chitter and chatter, then the next it’s hush town. And though it’s always sad to part with cool people with who you’ve made great memories, it’s also nice to take in the calm after the storm, before the next storm hits. Plus, I know we’ll make more memories in Armenia once again.


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