R-Mean in Yerevan

In conjunction with the Pan-Armenian games, American-Armenian rapper, R-Mean (who lives in Glendale but was raised in Amsterdam for 18 years), made a trip out to the Motherland for the first time as an artist since 2001. I got a chance to catch up with him at his album listening party at The Venue last night.

Between meeting people, taking meetings, and performing, it was a little bit of business mixed with pleasure. His first show was at Opera Club, where R-Mean performed for thousands of Armenians from all over the world who are also here for the games. He also had a show with local Armenian rapper Narek Mets Hayq, and shot scenes for his upcoming music video for “Humble Warrior.” As for pleasure, some of R-Mean’s favorite local hangs include El Sky Bar (which he said reminds him of the Standard Downtown in LA) and Grill House in Cascade for its ribs and sausages.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 6.02.48 PM(R-Mean at Geghard Monastery)

Before wrapping, I had to ask what being Armenian means to him: “Being Armenian is being unique than everybody else. When you see another Armenian it means a little bit more than other races. I grew up in the Netherlands with a lot of white people and Middle Eastern refugees. They always thought it was weird how we felt proud to be Armenian because not every race has that. It’s a feeling of unity and pride.” I couldn’t agree more.


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