Salt Lake

Salt Lake is one of those places, that when you go, you instantly think, “Why didn’t anyone tell me about this place sooner?!” (I felt that way when I visited Chicago a few years ago). Since it’s scorching these days, a friend recommended swimming in Salt Lake (Aghi Lich) in Erebuni, 15 or so minutes outside Yerevan. It wasn’t easy or fun finding this hidden lake — we had to walk and walk and sweat and sweat under the sun — since even some locals and taxi drivers don’t know about it. But once we did (after asking directions from 5 or so villagers, who would just point in the general direction) we all concurred that it was so worth every step.

From afar we noticed lots of bikinis and speedos and when we got close we saw eager young boys jumping off gigantic tires into the lake and families floating around together. We also saw some people rubbing mud all over their bodies and faces and realized there’s a mud lake nearby. There you don’t swim, you float in the water like you do in the Dead Sea — so cool! It’s mainly enjoyed by locals who don’t speak English, but the funny part is they were bumping Chris Brown and Usher from their car stereos.

Such a fun-filled day and less than a $5 cab ride away (just be sure the driver doesn’t drop you off miles away like ours did; here’s a Google Map link). To boot, the salt is super healthy for the skin and the water is best way to avoid this annoying summer heat.






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