Paris or Yervan?

There are so many charming Parisian-inspired cafes all over Yerevan these days — I can’t get enough! — that sometimes I get the feeling I’m in Europe, not Armenia. This can be a good thing considering Yerevan is so small and since escaping to the real Paris isn’t exactly cheap. Here are a few adorable spots I visit when I need to “get away.”

Le Petite Paris: The outside patio has cute bistro chairs and is good for people watching, but the upstairs area is my favorite, especially for working.



Malocco Cafe: There are a few locations around the city, but I like the one on Spendiaryan best since it’s not as crowded.

IMG_6841 (1)

Twelve Tables: It’s next door to Malocco, it’s equally quaint and has an amazing mint lemonade.

Brioche: This spot is small but has delicious baked goods and a moody Parisian feel.


Jean-Paul Existential Cafe: This cafe/pub is best for nighttime drinking and has a total Midnight in Paris ’20s vibe.


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