Burger Time

One of the things I said I would miss about America when I moved to Armenia was burgers; a big fat juicy burger from Houston’s (for gourmet) or The Habit (for every day). But I’m so happy to report that I have discovered two equally amazing burgers that have satiated my appetite — and they’re not just fried meat cutlets served with burger buns like most restaurants do it in Armenia.

For my gourmet needs, I found Kandinsky’s Bar and Restaurant, started by a British guy named Edward. The one I always go for is the bacon cheeseburger, but there’s also a lamburger, a pulled pork burger (that Ed highly recommends), and many other delicious kinds. They even make their own barbecue sauce (so good). Apparently they’re brunch is sweet, too, though I haven’t tried it yet. And the beautiful artwork, colorful furniture, and swanky nightclub scene on Saturday nights is worth checking out, too.


For a down home, everyday burger, there’s California Burgers, a bit outside Kentron in Zeytoun (definitely worth the drive). Apparently one of the owners used to work at In-N-Out, and that makes sense because the signature red palm tree design has made it onto some of the branding (clearly no copyright rules here!). They even serve animal style fries — yum. I might argue that California Burgers is tastier than In-N-Out. So much so that I joke (but am also serious) that I want to go there at least once a month. I’m due for another visit soon.



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