Men’s Fashion

I’ve already touched on the subject of women’s fashion in Yerevan (more ripped jeans and flats; less sequins and stilettos) so now it’s time to dissect the men. Once upon a time, actually just a few years ago, you would dare not see local men wearing casual shorts, jeans, and sneakers. It was all a sea of black slacks, pointy (often white) loafers, and tracksuits. Maybe sexy to local girls, but entirely silly looking to tourists. Who wears black on black on black in the scorching sun?

But things have turned around for men’s fashion in Yerevan. There’s way more color, way more denim, way more vibrant prints, and way less dress shoes for daytime. Lately I’ve been seeing lots and lots of floral prints on guys, too. This is mainly thanks to the younger generation; the old school types are still hanging on to their tracksuits like it’s 1970. It’s almost as though they’ve taken it to the other extreme from black and serious to loud and happy. I’ve definitely chuckled at some of the outfits that have passed me by. The best was when I spotted two friends (below) at the Hraparag who were dressed the same from head to toe. Twinning! There are still the few that think jeans aren’t “manly” so they stick to their slacks, but for the most part things are looking way more casual and cool for guys in Yerevan. Now if only they would change up the Caesar haircuts.



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