Sara Anjargolian

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 10.24.14 AM

Sara Anjargolian is one of the inspiring women that’s helping change the face of Armenia. Her latest project, starting Impact Hub in Yerevan (one of around 70 in the world) with a team of 4 co-founders, is bound to spark some amazing collaborations between different businesses, organizations, and individuals that are going to set up offices at the Impact Hub space. So far there are impressive names like Homeland Development Initiative Foundation, Jarakite, Repat Armenia, the Henrich Boell Foundation, News Deeply, Instuguide, and many more. Impact Hub offers a physical space, but it’s so much more than that. In Sara’s words, its mission is to bring unlikely allies together, to close the gaps the government hasn’t been able to close. It’s an idea lab, a business incubator, a social enterprise community center. It’s a vibrant community, an inspiring workspace where change will go to work starting this September.

A little snippet about Sara: she was born in London, grew up in LA, and went to Berkeley for law school. She first moved to Armenia in 2002 with a Fulbright grant and lived here for 2.5 years before moving back to America and working at the LA City Attorney’s office. But upon realizing that the personal impact was missing in America, she returned to Armenia in June 2012. She worked at Tumo before leaving to start Impact Hub.

One of the fascinating things Sara said recently when she was giving a talk to a group of Birthright volunteers is that Armenia is like a relationship; it has its different stages and for a long while she was in the honeymoon period. Then after a year, reality set in and that’s when she returned to America. But as they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder, and Sara just couldn’t stay away from the Motherland. And good thing because Armenia is a better place because of it.


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