Kohar Kevorkian

Among the interesting people I’ve met since being here is Kohar Kevorkian from Ethiopia. Before getting to know her and hearing about her cousin Vahe (who was part of this year’s Genealogy group representing Armenia in Eurovision) I didn’t even know there were Armenians in Ethiopia! If you want to know more about how they ended up there in 1924, read this insightful and inspiring article. 

Kohar, who is currently living in Yerevan, is a designer. She makes rugs (out of recycled and scrap leather!), clothing, and most recently bags. But it’s her new clutch collection, inspired by Armenian carpets, that has really impressed me; being in fashion, I’ve never seen anything quite like it. It reminds you that just when you think everything has been done before, a new design comes along and excites you.


I always love meeting creative minds like Kohar, who are doing good for Armenia, in Armenia. To support Kohar, like her Facebook page and send her a message to order one of her many unique creations. Or you can call her at +374 99 057658. The clutches pictured are sold out, but she can make a new one just for you. The bags start from 15000 to 33000 dram, which is approximately $30 to $70. Not bad at all.


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