Message Tees

Message tees are trending all over the world, and Armenia has definitely caught on to the craze, but here they have the most hilariously weird messages! Since I’ve been here, I’ve noticed a crazy amount of T-shirts (likely made in China) — both in stores and on people — with quotes that simultaneously make you crack up, scratch your head, hurt your brain. Here are a few I snapped at Dalma Garden Mall. Enjoy!

IMG_5488(What’s love got to do with . . . a burger?)

IMG_5753(Guys, he’s alone)

IMG_5489(FYI: She’s breaking up with Monday for Friday)

IMG_5146(What? Though I kinda agree with the Wifi part in Armenia)

IMG_5484(Life is like a washing machine? Not so much)

IMG_5490(You mean stand up and face the music)

IMG_5491(More like a text message than a message tee)


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