Tuesday Night


Last night — Tuesday night — is the crux of why I love being in Armenia so much. Yes, the country is stricken with corruption, lack of jobs for locals, crappy pay, and it’s definitely not a woman’s world (hopefully all that will change in time), but the camaraderie and ease with which friends gather in merriment is priceless. And on a week night at that. Of course it helps that home and work are super close — and that the start time is usually 10 am!

I heard through one of the repatriates I recently met that an amazing Lebanese restaurant called Al Mayass has opened, so we decided to get a group to go. I told a couple people, he brought a couple friends, and before we knew it, we were all breaking bread — with delicious kebob among other mezzes — and popping champagne. Being such a small city, it’s not surprising that we ran into more friends, who also came to dine, and soon the two tables were joking back and forth.

After tea and coffee, where to go for more drinks? My friend and I decided to join a couple of her friends who were at Calumet, a hippie-slash-hipster bar that’s way too small and smoky, but also way too much fun. The best part of the night, hands down (after the amazing food and conversations) is when a group of us did a shoorch par to Harout Pamboukjian. No need for a fancy cocktail dress and heels — on a random Tuesday night, clad in jeans and sneakers, we got just as down.


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