Trending in Yerevan

Remember when I said I was hesitant to wear my ripped jeans in Armenia? To the point that I almost didn’t pack them. Well, I’m so glad I did because literally every other girl in Yerevan is wearing distressed jeans. And not just slightly shredded; I’m talking full-on large holes. My brother said it best: “there’s more skin than jeans!” I’ve wanted so badly to snap pictures of the most provocative, but I don’t want start a cat fight.

I’ve also noticed a lot of patent shoes, mainly oxfords, and some cool sneakers, too. A far cry from the sky-high stilettos the girls used to trot down the uneven streets in years ago. I have to say, I’ve only seen a few outfits that I’ve admired head to toe, but the style has come a long way. It’s much more casual, much more sporty, and much more cool. There are still the girls who wear sequins during the day, too much leopard and neon, sometimes together (I’ve definitely rolled my eyes in my head a few times), but all in all it’s a step in the right direction, especially thanks to the younger generation.

IMG_5060(American style versus Armenian style)

When this subject came up with my cousin, who’s been living in Armenia since he was a teenager, he said that he admires the style here much more than American style because at least Yerevan girls try to look put together, even if it doesn’t always work. You’ll never see a girl leave the house in sweats or pajamas, like you sometimes see in certain parts of America. I’ll give it to him, girls here really do try their best to be polished, but I look forward to the day that I can draw inspiration from — and maybe even cover — Yerevan street style.

FullSizeRender(A couple stylish Yerevan girls wearing jeans and sneakers)


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