Simple — Not Easy

Naturally, there’s always a few things that I miss about America when I come to Armenia. This time it’s not necessarily Mexican food or Trader Joe’s (actually, that one’s a lie), it’s two apps: Google Maps and Yelp. I miss Google Maps because giving directions can be highly annoying here. The other day I had to tell a friend how to get to my apartment and it went something like “Remember where you picked me and Garen up from that SAS on Komitas Street when I was here in the winter? It’s a block down from that, across from the African restaurant, and next to the CPS gas station.” To that: “is there a bunch of car washes around?” He managed to find it but only after a lot of irksome back and forths. Google Maps would solve this problem, though it would also make life a lot less hilarious. The other app whose place really shows here in Yerevan is Yelp. I like to search for nearby restaurants versus having to ask a stranger or walk up and down the street to run into a maybe-good spot. Plus, imagine how entertaining the reviews would be!

But while I realize that having Google Maps and Yelp would make my life a bit easier here, not to mention would save me a whole lot of time, I also recognize that in Armenia, it’s not about what makes your life more convenient or easy — and time is not as of the essence here. A lot of things do come harder here, and take more time, but that’s what makes life here so raw.


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